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Companion Dog Sports Program Trials

Everyone's heard of the AKC - it's been around forever. But it's not the only game in town!  CDSP describes itself as an organization "where obedience is fun again!" 

Obedience trials are an opportunity to show that your dog has obtained a proficiency at obedience training.  Each level involves a series of exercises that, of course, get more challenging as you move up. If your dog successfully completes three trials, you earn a title - it's an accomplishment and a source of pride. 

In a CDSP trial, you can talk to your dog and praise your dog during the exercises, and when the exercise is finished, you can give your dog a treat. You know, kind of like IN REAL LIFE! The atmosphere at CDSP trials is very relaxed and friendly. It feels like a bunch of dog loving friends got together for a party and a trial happened. For more information, visit CDSP's website. 

If you've never entered an obedience trial, this is the place to start. A Starter Novice trial is not much harder than a Canine Good Citizen test (maybe even easier; you don't need to leave your dog with a stranger!). 

At Supporting Paws, we host 4 CDSP trials in April and another 4 in September. Come join us! 

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