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Classes for the 2024 Summer Session:

Level 1 - Obedience For Puppies  or  Obedience For Dogs 

Obedience serves as the foundation for every other type of dog activity. These classes involve getting your puppy or dog

to pay attention and follow basic commands such as sit, stay and come. Obedience For Puppies will address "puppy

issues" and introduce you to different sports like Rally Obedience and Agility. Obedience For Dogs will help prepare you and your dog for the Canine Good Citizen test.


 If your puppy has not received all of its shots, please fill out our Puppy Policy form.

Level 2 - Advanced Obedience/Intro to Competition

(Prerequisite: One previous obedience class)


This class is for dogs who have completed an obedience class and are interested in strengthening their skills.  This class will introduce exercises that are done in obedience competitions, such as Figure Eights, stationaries and recall exercises.

Level 2 - Canine Good Citizen/ CGC Advanced/CGC Urban

(Prerequisite: One previous obedience class and dog must be at least one year old)

This seven week class which includes the option to earn a Canine Good Citizen title and an AKC tricks title. We cover the 10 CGC skills that teach good manners to dogs and responsible dog ownership to their owners. The session includes the actual CGC test. Then you will move on to the CGCA (AKC Community Canine or Advanced CGC) is designed to ensure that you have a well-behaved dog while you are out and about in the community; CGCU tests your CGC skills in an active environment where there are cars, loud noises and fast paced distractions. This class will support your training of your dog for the 10 test items in each category.

Level 2 - AKC Rally Novice

(Prerequisite: One previous obedience class)

Rally obedience introduces a variety of exercises on signs that are stationed along a course, much like a road rally course. Dog and handler first learn the signs and then learn how to walk a course and perform the signs. Rally obedience is a fun way to continue practicing obedience skills and further strengthening your bond with your dog.  This class is focused on AKC Rally Obedience signs and rules.

Level 3 - AKC Rally Advanced

(Prerequisite: Previous rally obedience class)

This class is open to anyone who is ready to work on AKC Rally Advanced skills. The class will focus on the Advanced level signs, jumps, and get the dogs comfortable with working off-leash.

Level 4 - AKC Rally Excellent into Masters

(Prerequisite: Previous AKC Rally Excellent class)

This class will review Rally Excellent signs and will introduce AKC Rally Masters signs.



Click here to see classes that we have previously offered but are currently on hiatus. 

CLICK HERE to find the downloadable forms for class registration! 

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