Classes on Hiatus

These are classes that Supporting Paws has offered in the past.  If you are interested in one of these courses, please contact Norina Foster and let her know.  

Level 2 - Intro to Dog Sports

(Prerequisite: Level 1 Obedience for Puppies or Dogs)


     Every week, students will be introduced to a different dog sport, including Canine Good Citizen, Tricks, Agility, Rally Obedience, Nosework/Scentwork, Tracking, and Freestyle. Depending on the level of the students, this 7 week course may include CGC testing. At least one class will be conducted in a public arena. This is a great way to expand your dog's world and discover their passion! 


Level 2 - Intro to Canine Freestyle 

(Prerequisite: Level 1 Obedience for Puppies or Dogs)  


     Come learn how to dance with your dog – yes, it’s a dog sport! This class will offer beginner level moves for the sport of freestyle.  We will look at how to train these moves and get consistent results.  Please note at the end of class you will not have a routine and you will not be ready to compete, this is just an  introduction class to the sport.


Level 2 - AKC Trick Dog 

(Prerequisite: Level 1 Obedience for Puppies or Dogs)


     The AKC Trick Dog Program was started in 2017 with the idea of making training fun and exciting for both the handlers and their pups. You can also earn Trick Dog Titles as you successfully perform multiple tricks during the seven week course. There are four different levels to Trick Dog: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Performer. This class will mainly focus on the Novice level.

Level 2 - Advanced Obedience For Puppies

(Prerequisite: Level 1 Obedience for Puppies)

     Puppies take a while to mature intellectually and emotionally, so we’re offering this class to continue

building their obedience skills while acknowledging their puppy nature.  Requirements: Puppies under

1 year of age who have completed one puppy obedience session.

Level 3 - UKC Rally 2

(Prerequisite: UKC Rally 1)

     This class will build on the skills learned in UKC Rally 1 and will introduce the Level 2 signs. Dogs will be gradually introduced to working off-leash in an obedience ring and will continue to improve on precision and on the execution of signs.

Level 3 - CDSP Novice 

(Prerequisite: Two prior Obedience classes, preferably including Advanced Obedience for Dogs)


     CDSP is a great transition from Rally Obedience to Traditional Obedience competitions - you can talk to your dog during the exercises and even give your dogs treats in the ring (at certain times). Exercises include a heeling pattern, figure 8 (off leash), stand stay for exanimation, recall over a jump and a sit stay or down stay as you walk the perimeter of the ring.

Level 3 - UKC Rally Trial Prep

(Prerequisite: UKC Rally 1) 

     This class will focus on UKC Rally Obedience course work and other details to help the student prepare for  the UKC Rally trials in September. The class will be similar to a run thru or mini trial.  Supporters may "drop in" and join the class for $5 a class if space is available. Please contact Norina Foster before dropping in.