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Since COVID-19 pandemic is still a concern there are changes to our class structure that you need to know...

>>> No more than seven humans will be allowed in the barn at any time. Therefore, classes will consist of the instructor and a maximum of SIX students. Please DO NOT bring any extra humans to class.

>>> Masks are not required but are HIGHLY recommended. 

>>> Instructors MUST wipe down EVERYTHING in the barn that was touched by humans BEFORE the next class comes in, so please help by limiting what you touch in the barn.

Downloadable registration forms are located below.

Supporting Paws generates revenue for its mission by holding dog obedience training classes.  Our instructors have many years of experience and use only positive training methods. We will have classes for the beginning - whether the dog is a puppy or an adult - plus rally obedience and agility.  


Our classes will be held on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. To view the schedules, class registration form and information on becoming a Supporting Paws Supporter please click on the buttons below. Each will take you

to a their PDF forms that you can fill out and mail in to register!


The classes we offer are ...


Level 1 - Obedience For Puppies  or  Obedience For Dogs 

     Obedience serves as the foundation for every other type

of dog activity. These classes involve getting your puppy or dog

to pay attention and follow basic commands such as sit, stay

and come. Obedience For Puppies will address "puppy

issues" and introduce you to different sports like Rally 

Obedience and Agility. Obedience For Dogs will help

prepare you and your dog for the Canine Good Citizen test.


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Level 2 - Advanced Obedience For Dogs

(Prerequisite: Level 1 Obedience for Puppies or Dogs)


     This class is for dogs who have completed an obedience class

and are interested in strengthening their skills.  This class will

introduce exercises that are done in obedience competitions,

such as Figure Eights, stationaries and recall exercises.

Level 2 - Canine Good Citizen (with Test) 

(Prerequisite: Level 1 Obedience for Puppies or Dogs)

     The AKC's Good Citizen Award is designed to reward 

dogs who have good manners at home and in the community.

All dogs - pure breed or All-Americans - are welcome to enroll.

The class also includes the Canine Good Citizen test. 


Further information on this class is available in the brochure

link below!

Level 3 - UKC Rally 1 

(Prerequisite: At least two obedience classes)

     Rally obedience is a sport where the dog and handler

walk a course and perform obedience exercises that are

posted on signs throughout the course. The great

fun of rally is that you are practicing obedience without you

or your dog getting bored!  Students will learn all United Kennel

Club's Rally Obedience Level 1 Rally signs and will be able to

navigate a Level 1 Rally Obedience course with their dog

(Supporting Paws is a UKC club).

Level 3 - Intro to Agility For Fun! 

(Prerequisite: At least two obedience classes)

     Agility is a popular dog sport where dogs run through

an obstacle course. Fun for dogs and handlers, agility is also

a great way to build a shy dog's confidence. This class will 

introduce the different pieces of equipment to the dogs.

Level 4 - UKC Rally 2

(Prerequisite: UKC Rally 1)

     This class will build on the skills learned in UKC Rally 1

and will introduce the Level 2 signs. Dogs will be gradually

introduced to working off-leash in an obedience ring and will

continue to improve on precision and on the execution of 


Level 4 - Advanced Agility For Fun! 

(Prerequisite: Knowledge of all agility equipment)

     This class will focus on dogs running agility courses and 

improving course-running ability. 


Click here to see classes that we have previously offered but are currently on hiatus. 


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